Engraving Order 1.5x Campaign!!Resume from 2021.2

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IMULTA is currently offering a special engraving order campaign.

Normally, we charge a design fee when you place an order for engraving on your metal products, but if you use this campaign, we will leave the design completely up to you and waive the 30,000 yen design fee.

Please read to the end to find out more about the order process, delivery times and notes.



Engraving Order 1.5x Campaign!!

image of fishing tackle reel engraving

One of our customers who had placed an order with us advertised IMULTA on his blog, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and do something about it, so we are running the “1.5 times engraving campaign”.

Normally, the minimum order fee for engraving, including the design fee, is 50,000 yen (tax not included), but if you use this campaign, the fee will be 20,000 yen (tax not included).

Please note that the campaign does not apply to requests from corporate clients or those who wish to become an intermediary.

Engraving Campaign Conditions

image of fishing tackle reel engraving

Engraving Campaign Conditions

Conditions for using this campaign

  • If you are willing to allow us to use images and videos of your engraved products for promotional purposes (we will use them on SNS, blogs, etc.)
  • Individuals (not applicable to corporate clients or those who wish to become an intermediary)
  • No design is specified and left completely up to IMULTA (Arabesque or Acanthus pattern)
  • Shipping costs are to be borne by the customer (after the engraving is completed, the item will be shipped on delivery).
  • For shipments within Japan, the minimum delivery time is two and a half weeks. For shipments outside Japan, it may take more than two months to arrive. (Delivery time may vary depending on the status of other orders.)

We receive inquiries and orders for a wide variety of items such as reels, zippo, golf clubs and watches.

We are not limited to any particular product, so please feel free to inquire about any metal product.

Prices vary depending on conditions; 20,000 yen does not mean you can do everything.

It means “engrave 1.5 times the area and density of your budget”. Please make sure that this is correct.

If you specify a design or motif (for example, “I want you to carve a dragon”), the regular fee will be charged.

The regular fee is 30,000 yen or more (tax not included) for design + 20,000 yen or more (tax not included) for engraving = 50,000 yen or more (tax not included).

Please note that engraving on the entire reel will take approximately one month to complete. Please note that this is not eligible for the campaign.

Please consult with us about your needs for area and design density.

The Engraving Order 1.5x Campaign does not accept any designs or motifs, but we can accommodate requests for the area and density of the engraving. For example, “I would like the area to be this large,” “I would like the area to be smaller with a higher density of engraved designs,” or “I would like the area to be larger with a simpler design.

Click here to see past engravings.

About engraving fees

The fees of engraving varies greatly depending on the content.

Main points of different engraving fees

  • Size to engrave
  • Material
  • Complexity of the design (how detailed it is)
  • Differences in finishing methods (For example, inking)

Please feel free to contact us.

When comparing the Bantam shown at the beginning of this page with the Calcutta Conquest 100DC shown here, the engraving method and man-hours (labor) are very different.

You can also compare the Calcutta Conquest with each other for clarity.

The fees for engraving this Calcutta Conquest 200DC is 35,000 yen (tax not included) using the campaign.

If you wish to have finishing options (such as inking of patterns), it will cost from +5,000 yen. It depends on how detailed the design is.

The key point is “how many times to insert the blade of the tagane”.

In the case of the Calcutta Conquest 100DC that you saw earlier, the design is complex and a great deal of time is spent on finishing to make the pattern stand out.

Recent Orders (added on 2021.4.15)

Thankfully, we have received a lot of orders for both campaign and design orders.

Please note that the minimum charge is 20,000 yen (tax not included), although engraving on a budget is becoming more and more mainstream.

Engraving to Bright River

Decorations that accentuate the pattern, such as the one in this image, cost at least 80,000 yen (tax not included).

The decoration that highlights the pattern is a very time-consuming process, so we do not do it at all for the lowest fees. Please understand.

Engraving on spinning reels

Engraving on Stella spool.

40,000 yen (tax not included) for a full spool.

\Click here to contact us/

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Please feel free to contact us via DM on Twitter or Instagram.

Engraving on vapes

Engraving on vapes
Engraving on Pico

We also offer engraving for vape mods and atomizers.

Engraving on mods and atomizers is limited by the thickness of the material where the engraving is desired.

We can also engrave on painted metal products.


Order Process

Order Process flow of the inquiry form, email, and DM on each SNS is as follows.

Please feel free to contact us.

Order Process

1、Consultation and quotation

Please indicate that you are using the campaign, discuss your budget and the product you wish to have engraved, and we will provide you with fees quote. (If you use the campaign, the design is completely up to us.)We may ask you a few questions to get an estimate. Please attach a photo or URL of the product so that we can understand the size of the product.

2、Shipping to IMULTA

Ship the product you wish to have engraved to us. Please make sure you read the next section “Points to note when ordering” before you submit your order. We will be contacted individually when your order is confirmed with a shipping address.

3、Condition check and engraving

When the product to be engraved arrives at our premises, we check its condition and start the engraving process. Please note that the construction period may vary depending on the status of our orders.


When the engraving is completed, we will inform you of the financial institution to which you should transfer the money, so please make the payment.

5、Shipping from IMULTA

We will ship as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Points to note when ordering

If you are considering ordering, be sure to read this.

About shipping ordered products

In recent years, more and more people are specifying our address as the shipping address for products purchased from online stores.

Direct shipping is not a problem, but the product may have been damaged upon arrival to us.

Please note that IMULTA and affiliates are not responsible for any damage.

Important Points◆

Never ship items bought from flea market apps or auction sites directly to IMULTA.※We will never be responsible for any damage.

With the proliferation of flea market apps and auction sites, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people deliberately sending damaged products to be forced to pay for them.

I know this is uncomfortable for you, but we are stating it this way for our own protection.

IMULTA and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any damage.

Please understand it.

About engraving on reels and other fishing-related products

This is a duplicate of my Twitter post, but since I engrave plated or painted surfaces, the internal material is exposed. Therefore, there is a possibility that it will corrode with use after engraving.

We have not received any complaints of corrosion, but please understand that corrosion is possible.

After engraving, we apply anti-corrosion treatment. However, due to the characteristics of metal, it is never 100% corrosion-free.

This is true for any metal product. We often receive orders for fishing related products, and we make special mention of these products because they are used in water and the possibility of corrosion is increased.


If you are interested in an engraving order, please take this opportunity to request one.

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Click here for other articles on reel engraving.

Click here for a list of articles on engraving, including those not on reels.



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