Engraving of letters (Kanji and Alphabets) on metal products

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Here are some examples of engraved letters on brass products.

If you are considering engraving letters on your metal products, please refer to this section.


Kanji engraving

This is the result of this engraved brass product.

We engraved the name of a rice cracker shop “Nakatsuka Shoten Hoteiya” in Tawaramachi near Asakusa.

It is a long-established shop on the main street.

Kanji are carved in a typeface with an emphasis on vigour. If you have an idea of the typeface you would like, we can help you find it.

There was one letter in Hoteiya’s name written in a style that Japanese people do not usually use. We couldn’t find any similar letters by searching the Internet, so I went to the store, took a picture of the sign, checked the typeface, and engraved it.

We can also work with your own fonts, but as the final product is engraved by hand, there will be slight variations. Please allow for this.

Inking of engraved letters

Inking of engraved letters is not included in the fees.

It is also possible to choose whether each letter should be inked or not.

Enlargement of engraved product images↓

Sandaime Yasutaka
Shuhei Miyazato

On engraving letters

This is a photo of the engraving of the name of Sanemi Shinazugawa of Demon Slayer.

As you can see in the image on Twitter, I practice engraving various letters to be able to respond to requests.

We use tools called “tagane” for engraving.

We check the condition of tagane and engrave with the utmost care. However, in order to engrave strong letters such as the ones shown here, it is necessary to twist the tip of tagane so strongly that metal products with insufficient strength cannot be engraved in the same way.

If the strength of the metal product you order is not sufficient, we will suggest a suitable engraving method.

Please understand that any metal product has the potential to be damaged.

Alphabets Engraving

Alphabet engraving on a golf putter

This is an engraving on a Scotty Cameron putter.

For the typeface, we proposed three different fonts to the customer, and he chose one of them.

We are also capable of engraving on stainless steel products.


If you are considering ordering engraved letters, please feel free to contact us.

Please read this article for more information about the order process.

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